The world around us is changing so fast that it seems impossible to keep up—as if we’re facing an ever-widening gap. Scott Scantlin defines “the relevance gap” as that gap between where you are now and where you need to be in the future to stay relevant. If you resist change, the gap will grow, leaving you with an overwhelming feeling that you have fallen too far behind to ever catch up.

With everything at our fingertips, how do we stay relevant and thrive in a competitive new world? Today, the status quo has become a career hazard. Staying where you are currently without acquiring some new skills could cost you your job or even your career. Even for Millennials and Gen Z, the sheer size of their talent pool could marginalize their earning potential. To compete in today’s workforce requires constant improvement of technical skills, core values, and workplace identity.

The new economy is not going to go away, and you cannot afford to ignore it. The Relevance Gap will get you past those feeling of being overwhelmed so you can rediscover your inherent potential and the motivators that drive you. One you apply the techniques in this book, you will be equipped to stay relevant and thrive in the race for relevance!

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